Extraction & Preservation in Dallas Georgia

At Seven Hills Dentistry, our main goal is to give you all the knowledge and provide services to maintain the health of your teeth for a lifetime. Even though teeth are strong, unfortunately sometimes they become too damaged to repair and the removal of the tooth becomes the only option. When your teeth are crowded, severely decayed and cracked, or you have extra teeth, a dental extraction in Dallas will be considered.

In the case that you or a family member requires an extraction, we want to assure you that your comfort is what is most important. We understand that going through an extraction can be a stressful and anxiety-filled procedure. Our staff here at Seven Hills Dentistry is dedicated to giving you the best service available.


Possible Procedures

Depending on your specific situation, we will discuss with you and decide on the best way for you to receive treatment. Our dentist and staff are highly trained in all preservation procedures used to restore smiles.



When a tooth is severely cracked or decayed, dental extraction is usually the only answer. Extractions have a lot of anxiety and fear surrounding them, but when an extraction is needed, there are many positive outcomes. When a tooth is damaged it can also cause damage to the jaw bone or other teeth that surround it, once extracted and healed, the rest of your teeth can be preserved. Call our office today if you think you may need a dental extraction in Dallas, GA. We’d be happy to take care of your teeth.


Oral Surgery:

Extractions and some other preservation methods can include a minor oral surgery procedure. Our dentists are highly trained in small procedures including teeth, gums, and jaw bone. In the case that you need major surgery, you will be referred to a trusted oral surgeon.


Root Canal:

When deciding the steps to take when helping recover your teeth, there are some instances where a root canal will be the best option. Root canals allow you to keep all or parts of your natural tooth while removing the decay. Depending on your specific situation, a filling or a crown will be selected to help restore the natural shape of your tooth.

Preserving your teeth to be strong and healthy for your whole life is what we are here to help you with. We believe that educating patients on how to take proper care of your teeth helps prevent problems from occurring. When problems do occur, we are dedicated to working with you to select the best possible procedure to restore your teeth. If you or a family member have been experiencing severe pain please come into our office so we can help. Seven Hills Dentistry is dedicated to helping the people of Dallas, GA preserve their teeth!