Most hospitals are not equipped to handle dental emergencies the way they would be dealt with in a dental office. Some dental emergencies may not even be appropriate for a hospital setting. When you need same day emergency dental service, Seven Hills Dentistry is equipped and standing ready to handle all your dental care needs. Instead of a cold impersonal hospital waiting room, you will be in a warm, comforting atmosphere with staff that knows best how to attend to your problem and will do it with care and compassion.

Trauma to a tooth, severe toothache pain, or a broken dental appliance are all situations that are best managed right away. Under such circumstances your stress level is heightened; it is then that you need a calm relaxed atmosphere and the knowledge that you are in good hands. This is what you will experience at Seven Hills Family Dentistry. We will take care of you whether a tooth was knocked out, or your dentures broke the day before you need to make a presentation. We provide the dental treatment you need, when you need it. Our same day emergency care is a service we offer our patients as part of our commitment to your best oral health.

Not every dental office has same day emergency visits for their patients. At Seven Hills Dentistry, when you call with a serious problem that needs immediate attention, you will be seen as soon as possible. During your call to the office we will assess the urgency of the situation and instruct you as to what, if any, procedures you need to follow until you can be seen. If you have a situation in which you are unsure whether or not you need to be seen right away, do not hesitate to contact us online or call us.