You can get your teeth examined and cleaned at any dental office, but you will notice the difference right away at Seven Hills Dentistry. The ambiance created by our team of dental professionals will have you relaxing comfortably in no time. The care and excellence with which we perform dental treatments will make you wonder why you ever hesitated to go to the dentist.

We provide general dental services with care and compassion unequaled in other dental offices. Your oral health is of great concern to us so we make it a priority to provide our patients with service that makes it pleasant for them to follow through with treatments and commit to their own best oral health. A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth and with our preventative and restorative care you can easily maintain a beautiful smile throughout the years.

Our general dentistry services include the following:

Everyone loves having a bright beautiful smile. Sometimes achieving such a smile requires a little help. At Seven Hills Dentistry, we provide that help in a warm, inviting atmosphere with comfort and compassion. In addition to a bright smile, your oral health provides a snapshot of your overall health. Most people are unaware of the association between problems in the mouth and general health problems.

A few of the concerns linked with oral heath are pregnancy complications such as low birth weight and premature birth, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, stroke and chronic kidney disease. Keeping your mouth in good shape can lower your risk for these and other major health issues. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. The experienced dental team at Seven Hills Dentistry will work to keep your smile beautiful and your oral health the best it can be.