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As the holidays roll around, many of us get excited to embrace the needed time off, the rest and gatherings. While this year may be different due to COVID-19, there are still plenty of holiday treats to go around. This means delicious cake, scrumptious candy, and oh the amazing food! Don’t forget the peppermint mochas and the ginger bread lattes.

With all those treats that we are tempted to drink, there is not much change in our oral hygiene habits. Dare I say we are actually even less vigilant in our brushing and flossing habits because of the disruption to our routine and daily schedules? Our daily routine keeps us on track and in line with the brushing twice daily and flossing daily. What happens when we divert from that? Are there ways to ensure that we don’t get cavities or risk gum disease during this holiday season?

OF COURSE. First, buy an extra toothbrush with a traveling case, usually will cost a couple dollars. Carry this in your purse, in your briefcase, in your gym bag or in your car in a clean secure location. Throughout the day, use it to brush your teeth, EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE TOOTHPASTE. It can help remove sugars and food particles that will stay on your teeth after snacks and meals. Keep an extra set tooth brush at work or in your school back and do this, you won’t be disappointed when you end up with no cavities on your next dental check up.

Speaking of check ups, when was your last cleaning? This is a busy time of year for you and for dentists, but call up your dentist and make that appointment for your cleaning if you haven’t been in the past 4-6 months. It’s time. At the dentist, there are a bunch of options for prevention. “Prevident 5000” toothpaste is 10 times stronger than regular toothpaste. Sealants protect the groves of back molar teeth to prevent cavities. Also, the fluoride varnish that most hygienist place at the end of each and every cleaning appointment can go a long way to strengthen the enamel in your teeth.

Ron HassanzadehLastly, if you in the market for an electric tooth brush, studies have shown using an electric tooth brush is much better than a manual one. We have all those things at our office, simply ask for it or we will ask you if you would like to protect your teeth this holiday season. We wish you a Happy Holiday from the Seven Hills Dentistry family and we hope to serve you soon.


Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh

Dentist and Owner at Seven Hills Dentistry