Dallas GA Painless Dental TreatmentsIf you’ve been told that you need a root canal, chances are, you might be a little nervous. Maybe this is because you have a friend that claims that their root canal was a horrible experience, or perhaps the phrase “root canal” sounds intimidating and painful. Whatever the case, it’s important to understand that root canals are widely misunderstood. Thus, if you’re wondering if you should be afraid of a root canal, the answer is no.

To begin, the root canal includes the center of a tooth where the nerves and circulatory system are located. Thus, every tooth has a root canal. When a canal is infected from damage, deep decay or an abscess, root canal therapy is needed. In case you are wondering, root canal therapy is the same as root canal treatment, and the medical term is endodontic therapy.

In many cases, a root canal is the only way to save a severely infected tooth. For example, if a cavity has remained untreated for too long, a root canal might be necessary. In another case, if a tooth is fractured in an accident, the damage might be severe enough to require a root canal. In both instances, recall that the purposes of the root canal is to “preserve” the tooth. Therefore, it is an important restorative measure.

Perhaps the reason why many individuals remain reluctant when it comes to root canals is because of the pain that they are in prior to treatment. For instance, if a patient has a severe infection or trauma, they are likely to be in a considerable amount of pain. Even though the root canal itself is not the source of their pain, patients tend to remember the experience as a whole, and pain stands out in their minds. Even so, for a large majority of patients that move forward with root canal treatment, they are relieved. With a 97% success rate over 8 years, according to Delta Dental, they have every reason to be.

You Can Have A Positive Root Canal Experience

Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh welcomes you to Seven Hills Dentistry, where you’ll find a kind and compassionate dental team ready to serve your family. When it comes to root canal therapy, our team utilizes advanced technologies and methods with your comfort in mind. This means that you can have a positive root canal experience!

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