Dallas GA DentistWhen it comes to dental care, what you believe directly impacts your oral health. For instance, if you believe that dental checkups might be painful, you’re probably going to put off going to the dentist. Unfortunately, this is one of many myths that have been passed by word of mouth and are now embedded into our culture (Medical Daily). With this in mind, perhaps now is the time to dispel these rumors and learn the truth.

Consider the following dental care myths:

  • Whiter Teeth are Healthier – True or False? False. While whiter teeth give a healthy impression, it is simply that—an impression. In reality, there might be an infection or a cavity. In addition, some individuals simply have whiter teeth, and that doesn’t always mean that they are healthy teeth.
  • Teeth Bleaching is Harmful – True or False? False. Teeth bleaching is the most widely requested cosmetic dental service today. When dentists bleach a patient’s teeth, they are oxidizing the teeth so that light reflects differently (more favorably) off of the tooth’s enamel. Perhaps the only way bleaching is harmful is if high concentrations of whitening gels are used, without the supervision or direction of a dentist.
  • Brushing Bleeding Gums is Bad – True or False? False. Without question, brushing the gums, even if they bleed, is essential to removing plaque and bacteria. This makes it a good thing! However, technique is critical. Heavy, aggressive brushing can certainly damage gum tissues, so gentle movements using a soft-bristled toothbrush is ideal.
  • Flossing Is Not Important – True or False? False. While many individuals commit to brushing, they might not fully commit to flossing. Yet, skipping this all-important step deprives over 30% of the tooth’s surface from being cleaned. Remember, brushing alone is not enough. Flossing removes plaque and bacteria between teeth.

At Seven Hills Dentistry, patients continue to trust Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh for comprehensive and compassionate dentistry. When it comes to general, routine dentistry, Dr. Hassanzadeh takes pride in helping patients make well-informed decisions concerning their oral health. He does this by thoroughly explaining and guiding patients through their treatment and options. While patients know what to expect, they also feel at ease with their dental care. Giving patients this type of experience helps eliminate any myths they might believe.

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