Dallas GA General DentistA number of factors contribute to receding gums, including genetics, diet, aggressive brushing and other habits. Thus, it’s fair to say that gum recession is a common oral health problem. Even so, the severity of it determines what, if any treatment is needed. If you are worried about your receding gums, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist to find out what to do next.

To better understand, gum recession occurs when gum tissues assume a lower position on a tooth, exposing the roots of the tooth, as reported by Colgate. Without question, receding gum tissues are easy to see. Yet, depending on how much of a tooth’s root is exposed, individuals may also experience sensitivity and pain along the gum line.

Perhaps the greatest factor in gum recession is the way in which individuals brush their teeth. For instance, maybe you believe that brushing harder will make your teeth cleaner. On the contrary, effective brushing is done with a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle strokes.

While it’s easy to change the way you brush your teeth, there are other causes of gum recession that cannot be changed. For example, the characteristics of one’s gum tissues are related to genetics. This means that if one or both parents have gum recession, children are more likely to have receding gums as well. Similarly, the unique positioning and shape of teeth play a role in gum recession. In other words, when teeth are out of alignment, oral care is made difficult. As bacteria and plaque are trapped in tiny crevices, gum tissues become irritated and begin to recede. Furthermore, other contributors to gum recession include bruxism (teeth grinding), trauma or injury to teeth and poor oral health.

You Deserve Peace Of Mind About Your Oral Health

At Seven Hills Dentistry, Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh and the team believe that you deserve peace of mind about your oral health. That’s why we are committed to excellence in all dental treatments, while providing a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for everyone. If you have receding gums and you have questions about treatment options, Seven Hills Dentistry welcomes your call today.

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