Kids have a way of bringing joy to the world and at Seven Hills Dentistry we enjoy spending time with our little patients. Dental care is provided for all ages. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) for kids to make their first visit to the dental office by the time they reach their first birthday, preferably within six months of that first tooth coming in.

Starting children off right with positive friendly visits to the dentist is wise for several reasons. We can take steps to allay the fears of kids so that deep seated fear of the dentist does not have an opportunity to take hold. Starting visits early provides an opportunity for early intervention of potential dental problems. We enjoy teaching kids all about proper oral hygiene. Kids enjoy learning about their own teeth.

We Love Kids!

Going to the dentist should never be a scary affair. Your child will feel relaxed and calm with the help of the caring and compassionate dental team at Seven Hills Dentistry. Our commitment to the patient's enjoyable dental experience is especially strong with kids. Our family friendly office offers children a great play area stocked with fun toys. Read a book to your child or just enjoy the calm, relaxed ambience.

For your child's comfort we use high-tech dental instruments to make dental treatments easy and less time consuming. Your child will enjoy learning about the different instruments and dental procedures. Taking away the mystery of the process aids in understanding and quieting fears. Experiencing positive visits to the dentist builds a lasting foundation for future dental care. Your child will learn to appreciate oral health and grow a desire to maintain it.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and bring your child to Seven Hills Dentistry for an enjoyable visit to the dentist, excellent oral care and the opportunity to build a strong foundation for optimum oral health.