Prevention is of course the best route to take for your ideal oral health. However, even prevention has its limits. Working with your dental team is important to maintain excellent dental health but know that problems still manifest on a regular basis. Missing teeth provide an opportunity for a variety of dental issues to crop up and restorative dentistry corrects those situations.

At Seven Hills Dentistry, we practice restorative dentistry to help you acquire and maintain your best oral health. Your smile is a reflection of how well your mouth is doing. Even though your teeth and gums may be sparkling clean, spaces created by missing teeth can keep you from smiling while at the same time affecting your oral health in subtle, yet, important ways. We have options to close those windows left by missing teeth:

Complete Dental Restorations

When you are missing teeth you are missing surface area for chewing your food properly and getting the most nutrition out of it. You are also missing out on your most appealing smile. The spaces created by lost teeth can cause neighboring teeth to shift or tilt out of alignment. This in turn can cause food traps to form increasing your chances for more plaque buildup and possible gum disease.

With the proper dental restorations, these problems can be mitigated. Dentures and dental implants are used to fill in those empty spaces giving you back your full smile, keeping your teeth properly aligned and providing the surface necessary to chew properly. You will also look younger and feel more confident. With a lift in self-esteem and the ability to gain all the nutrition from your food again, your overall health and well-being will also get a boost.

Dr. Hassanzadeh has the expertise and skill to close those unsightly windows, restore your missing teeth and help you reach your optimum oral health. Contact Seven Hills Dentistry today for an appointment and find out which dental restorations are best suited to your situation.