Let’s face it, going to the doctor, especially the dentist, is a scary thing. You are not alone; Over a half of American adults say that they experience some level of anxiety when undertaking a dental procedure. Even a simple routine exam can induce feelings of anxiety. At Seven Hills Dentistry in Dallas, Georgia, we understand that everyone has specific needs and that is why one of core principles is to PROVIDE PERSONALIZED SERVICE. We have sedation dentistry solutions in Dallas for those who need an extra level of relaxation and comfort to get you through the dental visit. 

Sedation Dentistry is offered as an alternative to general anesthetic, which puts you to sleep. Options included using Nitrous Oxide or a combination of oral medicine and Nitrous Oxide to put you into a deeply relaxed state. Since you are not fully asleep, Oral Sedation allows you to still communicate to your dentist if needed, and you are fully aware of everything that is taking place, but in a deeply relaxed and partially sleepy state of mind. This gives you the peace-of-mind you need with the high levels of professional service you receive. 


What Are The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Dallas, GA? 

If you have had a bad previous dental experience or heightened anxiety levels around dental appointments, there are many benefits to sedation dentistry. 

Sedation dentistry is preferable to administer a general anesthetic as there is less risk of adverse side effects. 

Laughing gas, Nitrous Oxide, can be controlled throughout the procedure, ensuring you only take as much as needed. The effects wear off very quickly, and you may even be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. 

For those who need a higher level of sedation, Oral Sedation can also help people who have a low pain threshold, a sensitive gag reflex or who cannot sit comfortably in a chair for prolonged periods. 

Sedation dentistry in Dallas can allow Seven Hills Dentistry to carry out a large number of complex and lengthy procedures on anxious patients. 


What is the Process of Receiving Sedation? 

There are two common methods of receiving sedation here at Seven Hills Dentistry. Firstly, the method is oral, where you are given gas known as nitrous oxide or laughing gas, through a facemask placed over your mouth and nose at regular intervals. A second method is an oral sedative pill that is taken that will make you feel drowsy but still awake. This pill can occasionally make people fall asleep on the dentist’s chair, but they usually awaken quite easily to communicate with the doctor as needed. All of these sedation methods are accompanied by a local anesthetic, numbing the area that our dentist is working. 

The Seven Hills Dentistry team can advise on the best sedation method for you. The assessment will depend on the treatment required and the anxiety you may feel towards needles or objects being placed over your face or mouth.  

If you are in Dallas, Georgia or the surrounding areas such as Hiram, Cartersville, Power Springs, Rockmart, Villa Rica, Rome, Emerson or Douglassville and in any way anxious about dental treatment, arrange a consultation with Seven Hills Dentistry. Our Dentists can talk you through the best sedation dentistry options in Dallas to ensure that anxiety does not prevent you from getting the dental treatment you need to maintain a high level of oral health and oral hygiene.