Most people would agree that a bright straight smile is a thing of beauty. While it enhances one’s appearance, there are also more pressing reasons for having a straight smile. Misalignment of the teeth can cause several different dental issues that can affect your oral health. Fortunately, your teeth can be put straight with orthodontic treatment restoring your optimal oral health.

Orthodontic treatments are on the menu of services we offer to our patients at Seven Hills Dentistry. Dental technology has evolved to the point where getting your teeth straightened does not necessarily mean you need to invest in metal wires and brackets and wear them for years to get your teeth straightened. While some more complicated cases may call for such measures, oftentimes milder misalignment issues can be corrected easily in a shorter period of time. Now you have more options when it comes to straightening your smile:

Our patient Trevor was placed in traditional orthodontics with wires and bands.  However, instead of the traditional 2-3 years of braces, Dr. Ron and his team was able to complete his desired results in under SIX months.
Call us now to schedule a free orthodontics consultation and see if you qualify for straight teeth in UNDER SIX MONTHS. **Everything patient is different and time and results are cannot be guaranteed.**


Causes and Cures for Misalignment

Many factors figure into misalignment of teeth. Some causes may be growth related while others are a result of unrelated dental issues. Thumb sucking and staying on the bottle too long are often culprits of misaligned teeth. Anterior teeth get pushed out of their desired position opening the bite so that the teeth do not meet as they should. Too many teeth in a smaller jawbone can cause crowding, pushing teeth out of alignment. When teeth are missing, the neighboring teeth begin to shift into the vacancy causing small gaps to form. Those teeth may begin to tilt or twist causing malocclusion.

For minor misalignments, we offer options that are easy to live with. Contact us today for a consultation to find out what type of orthodontic treatment is best for your situation. Dr. Hassanzadeh will be happy to examine your teeth and make recommendations on the best way to get your smile back on track.