Explore Various Options and Costs to Fix A Broken Tooth


A broken tooth can compromise your teeth's functionality and prevent you from smiling properly, further hampering your self-confidence. Research shows that about 80% of adults over 40 have one or more broken or cracked teeth. There can be many causes behind a chipped or cracked tooth, such as tooth injury or chewing hard on some food items.

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Thanks to modern dentistry, there’s a more subtle way to address such issues without them leading to severe oral issues. Opting for proper broken tooth treatment (based on your needs) can be a great approach to restoring your smile.   

Sadly, however, the variety of alternative treatments in the market tends to confuse patients significantly. Considering the questions asked by most of our questions, this blog focuses on different repair options for a broken tooth. 

  • Broken Tooth Treatment - How Does it Fix Your Smile?
  • Popular Treatment Alternatives For Fixing a Broken Tooth 
  • How Much Do Chipped Tooth Treatments Cost?

Continue reading as we learn more about the treatment process in the following sections. 

Broken Tooth Treatment - How Does it Fix Your Smile?

Living with a chipped or broken enamel can result in a severe oral issue in the long term. It’s common to have lost a tooth due to poor oral health, medications, or an accident. Such instances demand you fix a broken tooth as soon as possible to minimize further damage to the patient. 

Treating your affected tooth is simple; you must connect to your nearest dentist in Dallas, GA. These experts evaluate the extent of damage, the location of the chipped tooth, its functions, and your needs to recommend the best approach. 

This way, you can opt for different options to restore your smile and perfect it during the procedure. Over the years, dentists have developed many new, innovative approaches to affected or chipped cavities.

Popular Treatment Alternatives For Fixing a Broken Tooth

Dental Veneers 

Dental veneers are one of the most popular and effective solutions to address issues relevant to broken tooth or teeth. These veneers are thin shells of materials such as composite resin or porcelain covering a chipped tooth's front surface. 

Every dental veneer is custom-made to ensure it fits properly in your mouth, and people can barely detect any difference. These veneers offer you a natural-looking and long-lasting solution to fix a chipped tooth and address minor misalignments or discoloration issues.     

Dental Crowns 

Dental crowns are another popular way to treat a chipped or affected tooth. These crowns are much thicker than dental veneers and can restore your tooth's aesthetics and shape. 

In most cases, dental crowns are preferable if you have any significant damage. These crowns come with a custom-made crown that fits over the damaged tooth to restore its size, shape, and functionality. Dentists make dental crowns from materials such as metal, porcelain, ceramic, or a combination of these materials.    

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root canal treatment, commonly known as RCT, is a relatively new yet popular option for treating chipped or broken teeth. This is best suited for severe cases where tooth decay has extended to the tooth's pulp.

This treatment requires the dentist to remove the damaged pulp, clean the canal, and seal it to prevent the risk of developing any infections. The dentist will then crown the affected tooth to restore and protect its structure. It is worth noting that root canal treatment can be expensive for anyone looking to save on their broken tooth cost.

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are another common way to restore a chipped or broken tooth. This relatively extensive procedure is best suited for cases with severe damage where saving the tooth is no longer possible.

This will start with a general surgical process where the dentist will make an incision into your jawbone and place a titanium implant to serve as a foundation for the crown. This gives patients a long-lasting, durable solution for repairing or replacing their chipped teeth.

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Tooth Bonding 

Dental or tooth bondings are another effective tooth patching treatment approach in the modern dentistry world. This is also known for being one of the least invasive dental procedures to repair a chipped tooth.

The dentist will use a composite material to correct and enhance your tooth's appearance and aesthetics. After placing the material, they will use a specialized blue light to harden it like concrete and help you get a perfect smile without compromising your tooth's functionality.

Dental Sealants 

If you have one or more holes in your tooth, dental sealants might be the best alternative. These sealants protect cracked or infected teeth and can even help reduce the risk of developing dental cavities.  

In most cases, the dentist places the dental sealant on the back of your premolars or molars. This will help save on the dental chip repair cost and restore your teeth's functionality and aesthetics to ensure you get the perfect natural-looking smile.  

Dental Fillings 

Dental fillings can be the ideal option for small cavities or tooth fractures. This is also known as one of the safest and least invasive procedures to address issues related to chipped teeth.  

During a dental filling treatment, the dentist will evaluate the damage, clean it thoroughly, and apply a restorative material to fill in the gaps. This will help you get the perfect smile without having to pay significantly, thanks to the affordability of these treatments.  

Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments for broken or chipped teeth repairs are mainly best for treating severe issues. In most cases, the dentist might recommend an orthodontic treatment if you have a chipped tooth from biting or misalignment issues.   

These treatments are relatively expensive since they require more resources and effort on the dentist's part. But once you get the treatment, it will last for years if you take the proper maintenance approach.  

How Much Do Broken Tooth Treatments Cost?

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There is no definite price or cost for fixing a chipped or impacted tooth. There are many influencing factors the dentist needs to evaluate before finding the right treatment approach. 

For instance, the dentist will evaluate the extent of damage, the location of the tooth, the reason behind a chipped tooth, bone dentistry in the jawbone, and many other factors. It helps the dentist choose the right approach and gives you a rough idea of the fix teeth.


  • You must undergo tooth treatment if you’ve lost, chipped, or broken your teeth due to accidents, poor oral health, or medications. 
  • Chewing on any hard food puts extended pressure on the teeth, causing them to break. 
  • Dental veneers, crowns, implants, bondings, fillings, root canals, and orthodontic treatments are some of the best options for treating a broken tooth.  
  • Don’t hide your smile anymore! Connect with our experts at Seven Hills Dentistry to fix it today. 

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