7 Things to Consider Before Getting Veneers in Dallas, GA


Your smile is your social asset! Yet, nearly 7 in 10 Americans are self-conscious about their teeth. 

Besides, why not? It’s common to have crooked, broken, or chipped teeth in your oral arrangement. We also lose our teeth in accidents as we grow up. 

But should such oral imperfections take away your confidence? Experts of cosmetic veneers refuse to agree. 

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Veneers or tooth cover are a life-changing treatment option for individuals who suffer from different oral complexities. They function as a pearly cover for your tooth, restoring your smile. 

In this blog, we take a closer look at:

  • Dental Veneers - Your Gateway to Perfect Smile
  • Why Veneers Over Other Oral Appliances?
  • 7 Things to Consider Before Getting Veneers 

Continue reading as we learn more about different aspects of dental veneers in the following sections. 

Dental Veneers - Your Gateway to Perfect Smile

Veneers are a multi-tasking oral appliance. They provide a minimally intrusive technique to make several cosmetic adjustments simultaneously. Each cover is extremely thin (like a shell) and constructed of a substance that closely resembles enamel's color and light-reflective qualities. 

Each veneer is meticulously applied on the front tooth surface. A very little piece of your natural teeth will be shaved off to ensure the cover has an excellent surface for bonding. As a result, these appliances are a permanent dental veneer procedure.

Once a veneer is placed on your tooth, it conceals fissures, dark spots, or other flaws. These appliances allow you to fill gaps and make teeth seem straighter without visiting any orthodontist.

Why Veneers Over Other Oral Appliances?

They Are Simple

Dental veneers are a straightforward approach to making esthetic tooth repairs and restorations. They are incredibly thin coverings made of porcelain and typically reinforced with additional compounds that are fashioned especially for each individual who requires them.

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These cover are the same color as your natural dentition and reflect light similarly, fitting in flawlessly with your smile. They are stain-resistant and can be used to cover damaged or missing teeth.

These Appliances Are A Solid Dental Investment

Your oral health will accompany you wherever you go and whatever you do. People considering veneers as a prospective therapy will likely recognize the potential investment in greater oral health.

The advantages begin with permanent whitening and orthodontic concealment, and while these covers are typically more expensive than many other cosmetic dental treatments, the benefits often surpass the cost. They are one of the most long-lasting cosmetic and protective treatments for your teeth.

They Are A Robust And Nearly Permanent Dental Treatment

Tooth covers, particularly cosmetic teeth veneers, are the most permanent cosmetic procedure available for one's natural teeth. Because they are non-porous, they resist decomposition and decay significantly better than natural teeth. They also resist staining and discoloration, which natural teeth are prone to.

They will resist stains, bacterial buildup, and discoloration for an extended period. When cared for adequately, porcelain tooth cover may last more than a decade, with up to 15 years being usual.

Maintaining Teeth Cover Is Incredibly Easy

Unlike other dental gadgets or orthodontic equipment, cover-upkeep is simple. This is because no additional or special care is required to keep your tooth cover looking its best.

Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day are required to keep your appliance as clean and healthy as possible. Regular visits with your dental health team and occasional in-office cleanings can ensure that your tooth cover lasts a long time while safeguarding your oral cavity.

Veneers Can Help Treat Enamel Loss

While tooth enamel is one of the toughest things our bodies make, it may nonetheless be worn away rather consistently over time. This can occur from a variety of causes, including sugary and acidic goods. 

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Brushing excessively and even severe cases of reflux can result in tooth enamel loss. Since tooth enamel cannot be restored after it has been lost, porcelain veneer teeth provide a straightforward approach to safeguard the cavity in the case of enamel or impending enamel loss.

7 Things to Consider Before Getting Veneers 

1. Cost

Porcelain veneers are not inexpensive! Opting for cosmetic treatment under any dentist in Dallas, GA, is time-consuming. Depending on the type of cover and the dentist you see, porcelain tooth cover might cost up to $2000 per tooth. 

Note: These appliances are typically not covered by insurance.

2. Durability

Porcelain covers are extremely durable and may endure for years if properly cared for and dental hygiene is maintained. They are not, however, indestructible. Broken tooth cover are commonly caused after biting down on hard objects, engaging in contact sports, or experiencing bruxism. If your dental porcelain covers crack or shatter, call your dentist right away!

3. Change Your Habits

You will need to modify any behaviors that might harm your dental covers. You must, for example, quit biting your nails or chewing on ice. Even the best Veneers in Dallas can be harmed, causing them to shatter or chip.

4. These Appliances Require Maintainance

Even while porcelain covers are long-lasting, they still require some care. To preserve your oral health, brush and floss your teeth regularly and visit your dentist for regular examinations and cleaning.

5. Requires Multiple Dentist Visits

Getting porcelain covers normally necessitates many visits to the dentist. The initial appointment is for a consultation; subsequent visits are for dental operations and upkeep.

6. Not Suitable for Everyone

Not everyone is a good candidate for porcelain covers. Dental tooth cover may not be appropriate if you have decay, gum disease, or other oral issues. However, whether your problem is misaligned, discolored, or damaged teeth, the dental veneer procedure might provide a long-term solution to offer you a flawless smile.

7. Your Natural Tooth Might be at Risk

Veneers function by covering your original teeth with a thin coating of porcelain; as a result, your normal cavity may be harmed during the operation. They are done by your dentist removing a very small layer of enamel from your original teeth before putting the tooth cover. Some people may experience discomfort and pain while the cover attaches to the cavity underneath.


  • Veneers are a great way to fix chipped, crooked, or broken teeth. It allows you to smile radiantly in no time.
  • When cared adequately cared for, tooth cover from the best cosmetic dentistry in Dallas can last a lifetime. 
  • While they are a great oral appliance, tooth covers also have several drawbacks and factors that you should know of. 
  • Don’t think about reasons to get the pearly whites; connect with our Seven Hills Dentistry professionals to revamp your smile today! 

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